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Caesar Wang is the arrogant and charismatic leader of his group. His best friends are Drake Ishikawa and Samuel Zuo. He may be the youngest among the group, his unruly stance and condescending vibe makes him the perfect pick to become the leader of the prominent group.

Caesar is characterized as a cigar-smoking rich kid with a ruthless and tyrannical personality. Some of his most notable traits include his brute strength and thunderous cackle.

Nothing about Caesar's previous life was known, but it is a possibility that Kazuo could have been mute. What was known about Caesar was his enigmatic, cold, emotionless, sadistic personality and psychopathy, with him taking delight in causing pain and suffering to other characters and feeling no emotional attachment whatsoever. Unlike the other characters, Caesar is the way he is simply for his own amusement.

He is depicted more to have been a socially awkward, anxiously vain outcast and loner with no friends who, upon provision of a lethal weapon and one very lucky encounter with a bitter classmate, broke down to desperation, madness and highly potentiated, wanton homicidality under the pressure of both the school and his own mental disorders than the hyper-criminal, deeply feared school bully of the show.

Physical Appearance

Caesar will never be found walking around campus in sweatpants and hoodie, unless he's really having a bad day and can't be bothered to dress properly. But he will also never be seen walking around in a full suit and tie. He usually stays right in between, wearing a nice pair of jeans and t-shirt with a jacket or blazer over it, or a simple shirt and jeans when it's too hot for anything else. He generally has a good fashion sense, always looking dapper but never overdressed. If attending a formal event, he tends to not wear ties unless it's required. He finds he looks better without them. He hates bowties and will never wear one, not if he can help it. His jet-black hair is usually styled back or simply parted to the side, hanging loosely over his face. He likes keeping it a bit grown out and refuses to cut it any shorter even though his hair usually what causes people to compare him to an anime character. He's got a deep yet soft voice that matches well with the way he looks, and he tries to not speak too loudly, but loud enough to ensure others can hear him. His most charming point is his smile, so he's told. A genuine smile lights up his face and makes him appear sweet and caring, which is why he tends to avoid smiling as much as he can. A smirk will always do the trick.

Personality and Traits

Like the rest of his "brothers", Caesar is what one would consider the total package: handsome, charismatic and charming, capable of getting whatever he wants from both males and females with a single smile or tilt of the head and he knows it. He uses this to his advantage as much as he can, usually to get out of doing something he doesn't want to do or to clean up after he's messed something up. He's confident that with a few sweet words and a smile, he can get away with just about anything and, for the most part, it's true. He walks with an air of confidence, like he's ready to take on the world without fears or regrets. He's loved by teachers and students alike for being very social and passionate about everything he does. As far as everyone can tell, criminal justice has always been his passion. His love of music has been demolished and almost entirely swallowed up by greed.

He gives off an image that doesn't quite fit into the usual mold of the other boys, as comes off as icy and maybe even cruel. He makes sure of it by pretending that he doesn't know he's good at everything he does or that he doesn't like being the center of attention. However, with every compliment and pat on the back, his ego and pride continues to inflate. His need for power and recognition grows along with it. He's deceiving and manipulative, always willing to use anything and anyone to his advantage regardless of the consequences or who might get hurt in the process, and does it with ease and absolutely zero remorse, but in a way that makes it hard for most people to recognized they're being used. He's skilled at reading others and knowing how to get what he wants from them. Despite his appearance of being empathetic and a good listener, he could really and truly care less how you feel. He could charm the pants off anyone, make them believe that he cares about them and their well being, but is only looking for a good reputation. At this point, the only thing he cares about and deems important is to become bigger and better than his father and be able to rub it in his face. Nothing else is worth the effort.

His reputation is important to him, and regardless of what he says, he does care about what others think of him. Being adored is highly important. Whish is why he goes out of his way to be social, spark conversations with strangers and initiate friendships. Meanwhile, there are several sides of him that he hides: his insecurities. Believe it or not, he has them. He doesn't do well with relationship problems. Romantic or otherwise. He avoids talking to his parents as much as possible, and still resents his siblings for "abandoning" him when he needed them the most. So much so that he claims to be an only child. He's not opposed to breaking hearts. It has become almost like a sport to him. He uses girls for a night or two but quickly gets bored of them and moves on, usually playing it off with the excuse that he's too busy and his school work is of "utmost importance" or he doesn't want to be a "bad boyfriend" because he knows he'll end up focusing too much on his work. It's simply the easiest way to get rid of them without hurting his reputation, all the while avoiding catching any feelings.

Caesar shares the same charisma as Troy, but he wastes his oratory and leadership talents by resorting to violence, oppression and tyranny. He preferred to use force rather than diplomacy to settle differences with an opponent. Caesar is also a person of excellent intelligence and cunning, shown by him manipulating and mentally destroying Charlie, whilst simultaneously framing his friends in the process.

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