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Gabriella Montez is the fiancée of Troy Bolton, and the daughter to Maria Montez. Extraordinarily beautiful and academically gifted, she is constantly examining what she wants for herself. Her main concern is how it will affect her as an individual.

Gabriella tends to be somewhat shy and private about her feelings and prefers not to be in the spotlight. Her main tool for making decisions seems to revolve around what she wants for herself independently. Though she doesn't like to be the center of attention, her shyness seems to dissipate when she loses herself in a song and lets herself live in the moment. She urges Troy to enjoy the present rather than worry about the future in the second season. Her selfness is shown by her reluctance to think about the future and lose the joys the present has brought her. She seems happiest when enjoying the current moment, whether it’s dancing with Troy on the school roof or taking funny pictures for the yearbook.

Though thinking about the future tends to bring her down, she realizes that she can’t run away from it forever. She has the ability to intuitively read Troy and his motives, and she develops a clearer insight of what she wants for herself throughout the episodes. The interaction between her and her best friend Taylor McKessie, a dominant academic genius, best demonstrates her inferior-self. She finds it hard to make decisions concerning college and such, it makes it difficult for her to be decisive and give practical factors higher priority than personal factors. Taylor scolds her for wanting to give up the opportunity to go to Stanford early so that she can be with Troy, whom she sees as clouding Gabriella’s judgment.

Nonetheless, she is shown to be an excellent student with good organizational skills and self-reliance.

Physical Appearance


Gabriella stands at 5'2" and has a delicate frame. She has an olive-complexion that glows with youth and health, free of blemishes or freckles. She has high cheek bones, a slightly up turned small nose, and full cupid bow lips. Her eyes are wide and almond-shaped, the most stunning facial feature, and are chocolate-colored with flecks of rich gold around the dark iris. They are framed by thick dark lashes, curled out in an almost feline fashion, with thin arched brows. Her hair is thick and falls to her bottom in full corkscrew curls and is often left down with the front pulled back. It is a rich brown in color with slight dark gold undertones that shine in the sunlight.

Her arms are thin and though she has some muscle there is hardly any definition to her arms. Her legs are long, shapely, and lean. The overall shape of her body is a thin hourglass.

As the brainy-yet-beautiful girl next door, Gabriella is not afraid to be herself, which is readily apparent in her laid-back Bohemian wardrobe. With hippy-inspired pieces from American Eagle and Free People, she put together a look to channel her romantic ensembles -- pairs a flirty floral dress with a cozy cardigan, and piles on jewelry -- mixing it up with turquoise stones and big wooden beads.

Personality and Traits

Gabriella is spontaneous, living in the present and observant of her surroundings. She pays attention to little things in her environment and can use them to her advantage at the spur of the moment. She says she wants to make each day count, not the future, not the past -- each day. She is able to figure out quick, obvious solutions to problems that are often overlooked by others.

Gabriella truly defines herself. She is a very intelligent young woman, due to her love of books, providing her a wide vocabulary, activate imagination and open mind... she is an endless dreamer in simple words. Gabriella is very confident and doesn't often listen to the others; she is not afraid of speaking her own thoughts. She is a very independent woman and doesn't like to be controlled by any man. She loves to take care of people in need and frequently dreams about a life of adventure and romance. Gabriella is able to look past how people appear and into their hearts.

Even on her bad days, there is a smile at some point in time on Gabriella's face and when she is smiling, it is hard not to smile along. Her happiness is contagious and more often than not she can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Gabriella is a very kind-hearted and friendly girl. She has created friendships out of nothing and stands by everyone person who needs her. She is extremely friendly and likes to see the good in everybody, even those who may have a little more bad than others. She prefers to be honest and confrontational in a way that will resolve issues and move forward.

Always enthusiastic and thinking positively is something that Gabriella is proud of, through life she's gone through a lot of criticisms with people telling her that being a lawyer would be near impossible, but with the right attitude, she finds that blocking opinionated thoughts helps her. In general everyday life, having a certain mind-set can help you in a positive or negative way and why should you think so pessimistically? Gabriella's bold and lively personality can bring out the best in people as well as show anyone who doubts her how she'll never give up without a proper fight.

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